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These collections of lace and fabric are for for direct sale or trade. All of them are much less than what I paid for them, so you are getting a great bargain. Thanks!

1) A collection of lovely powder blue lace: $20 plus S&H

1 inch wide lace: 1piece 4 yards and 1 piece 3.5 yards
3 inch wide lace: 4 yards
2.24 inch wide eyelet lace with blue ribbon: 1 piece 76 inches and 1 piece 75 inches
1.25 wide rosie ribbon: 2 pieces 7.5 ft each

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(2) Gorgeous black venise lace. $5/yard
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3) A collection of lilac lace and sequence tape. 17 rolls. $35

1 inch lace: 3 pieces 4 yards each
tule twist lace with lovely lilac flowers and greenery: 1/2 wide. 6 pieces 9 ft each
1.5 wide rose ribbon: 4 pieaces 7.5 ft each
thin glitter thread: 2 rolls
thick glitter thread: 5 rolls

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5) A cut of vintage material. Green/blue/yellow flowers on a dark green/black backround. A rare find. Reminds me of Anthropologie fabric. 60 inches by 35 inches. $15

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(1) Cherry Sweater*. $24.99

A great little sweater, white with crocheted cherries, embellished with pink ribbon. Measurements (measured flat): 42 inches. The model is size 6. This auction is for the sweater ONLY.

(2) A white blouse reconstructed with pink rose buttons, pink and white lace. Size M. One of a kind. Asking price is $9.99 (plus shipping charges).

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(3) A lovely black high neck top with mutton sleaves. Decorated with venice and regular lace. Some of the pics were lightened to show detail. Zips up the back. Plus size (fits 2-4X). Measurements are available upon request. $40

(4) A lovely blue top with white polka-dots and details. Plus size (1X). $15
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(1) Jazz Skirt *. $24.99

A cute white and black skirt with a detachable waist ribbon. Two thirds of it are made out of jazzy (literally, you try to play it!) material (white with black music). The last third is made of black ruffled cascades. Measurements: waist 40 inches unstretched, 58 inches stretched, hips free.

(6) Winter Flowers Ruffle Skirt *. $24.99

A tribute to winter colors! This adorable, very full skirt is made out of black and flowers material. It is decorated with a ruffle at the bottom of the skirt and a climbing ruffle detail on the front of the skirt. Unique and different for your wear. Measurements: waist 38 inches unstretched, 60 inches stretched, hips free.

(3) Red Petticoat. $19.99

A great petti, made out of soft red ruffled material. It is shorter in the front and longer in the back to compensate for the extra floof and the natural curve of a plus-sized girl’s bottom. Measurements: waist 30 inches unstretched, 42 inches stretched, hips free.

(4) Profiles Skirt Set *. $29.99

This great set includes two items: a ruffled underskirt and a black and white overskirt.
The underskirt is black, decorated with Venise lace, ruffled on one side and flat on the other so that it can be worn either side depending on the fashion. The skirt fastens with a tie so it can fit a larger range of sizes. Measurements: waist 31 inches, hips free.
The overskirt is made out of designer black/white “Profiles” fabric by Michael Miller. It is decorated with “Roses” Venise lace. The skirt is full on one side and is open on the other to allow the underskirt to be seen. Measurements: waist 32 inches unstretched, 38 inches stretched, hips free. These two skirts are separate and can be worn together or with other clothing.

(5) Golden Notes Skirt *. $23.99

An adorable overskirt! Jazz note music printed on gorgeous gold fabric. Decorated with “Black Rose” Venise lace. Shown on the picture over a black underskirt. The underskirt is NOT included. Measurements: waist 23 inches unstretched, 36 inches stretched, hips free.

(7) Flowers and Black Lace Skirt*. $9.99

A lovely flower printed skirt decorated with luxurious black Venise lace. Measurements: 54 inches waist, hips free.

(8) Classically Brown Skirt*. $24.99

A gorgeous classic Lolita skirt for a plus size girl. Lovely brown fabric with antique white accents, lace and a pleated valance. Measurements: waist 42 inches unstretched, 56 inches stretched, free hips.

(9) Chandelier Skirt *. $24.99

A one of a kind, great skirt! Two thirds of the skirt are made out of designer chandelier black/white fabric by Michael Miller. The last third is made out of black ruffled cascade. Measurements: waist 17 inches unstretched, 42 inches stretched, free hips.

(10) Burgandy Flowers Skirt *. $24.99

A great winter skirt made out of faux velvet material decorated with embroidered flowers and decorated with black lace. The skirt can be pinned up on both sides via hooks. Measurements: waist 34 inches unstretched, 54 inches fully stretched, hips free.

(11) Brown Winter Skirt *. $24.99

Another great winter skirt made out of heavier brown textured material. Decorated with sealed black ribbon, black buttons, and faux pockets. Best for a gal with longer torso for the suspenders ^_^ Measurements: waist 40 inches unstretched, 66 inches stretched, hips free.

(12) A blue skirt with polka dots, white lace and white bow details. Scallop edge. L-2X $25
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(1) Snow Shrug *. $24.99

An adorable white faux fur shrug. Decorated with pink ribbon bows and faux pearls. Zips up or can be worn over the head. Fits most sizes, including plus sizes. Handmade and one of a kind.

(2) Yellow Cherry Lock. $9.99

An adorable yellow lock decorated with cherries. New and unopened package.

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(3) Sweetly Black Gloves*. $9.99

Sweet black gloves decorated with delicate pink ribbon and faux antique white pearls.

(4) Sweetly White Gloves *. $9.99

Sweet white gloves decorated with delicate pink ribbon and faux antique white pearls.

(5) Strawberry Bloomers *. $29.99 (Item available for commissions X2, fit to size)

I found this fabulously warm and cuddly light flannel fabric and thought what great bloomers it would make: light, sweet and warm under the skirts for the winter! The fabric is light pink, printed with juicy red strawberries and decorated with white lace and red ribbon. YUMMMM! Measurements: waist 28 unstretched, 46 inches fully stretched, measured flat, hips free.

(6) Fancy French Manicure Faux Nails. $3.99

Really cute faux nails! Pearly pink, with lacey white tips.

(7) Burgundy Flower Headband. 7.99

A one of a kind, pretty black headband with hair-grippers, decorated with a large size burgundy flower. This auction is for the headband ONLY.

(8) Black Headdress.* $12.99

This cute headdress is black, velvet and embellished with black lace and two black roses. This auction is for the headdress ONLY.

(9) Black Pirate Neckchief.* $12.99.

A pirate neckchief is made of black material, embellished with black lace, and a black/gold crossbows and skull button. Ties in the back. This action is for the Neckchief ONLY.

(10) Lace Black and White Hat. $3.99

A cute little black and white hat with black lace embellishments. This auction is for the hat ONLY.

(11) Strawberry Sock Toppers *. $4.99

Awesome strawberry sock toppers for a plus size girl!

(12) Elegant Gown Picture Frame. $14.99

A gorgeous picture frame of a Victorian gown and hat. Elegant and sophisticated for a loli's room.

(13) TeaTime Loli Picture Frame. $14.99

Another great picture frame of tea time.

(14) Luxury Perfume Picture Frame. $14.99

An awesome picture frame decorated with a perfume bottle and flowers.

(15) Gold Elegance Picture Frame. $9.99

A lovely little picture frame decorated with elegant touches and great for any loli's room!

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(1) Black and White Checker JSK.* $19.99

This homemade jsk is made out of black and white checkered material, light- weight material. Measurements (measured flat): 33 inches bust by 26 inches waist, free hips. Decorated with black lace, black satin bow (with sealed edges) and white pearls. The skirt is gathered on the left side. The model is size 6, but this jsk is probably better for someone smaller, so please follow the measurements. This auction is for the jsk ONLY.

(2) School Dress.* $19.99

This homemade jsk is made out of burgundy and white checkered material, light-medium weight material. Measurements (measured flat): 34 inches bust by 28 inches waist, free hips. Decorated with black lace, and burgundy flowers. Comes with a matching detachable belt decorated with black lace and burgundy roses. The tulle on the bottom of the skirt is from the petticoat underneath. The model is size 6. This auction is for the jsk and belt ONLY.

(3) Black Cameo Dress Set. * $39.99

This set includes:
A black Dress embellished with black bows, white pearls, and white Venise lace. Measurements (measured flat): 40 inches bust, 31 inches waist. The model is size 6 for reference.
A black soft wide waist corset, embellished with a white cameo, white Venise lace and white pearl lace. Ties in the back with ribbon.
A white pearl and black bow necklace.
A black headdress, embellished with white pearl lace, and white Venise lace.